In a nutshell

Yes, cruelty is endemic to the culture of obedience. The culture of obedience is difficult to identify because, of course, obedience is a virtue.

How do we get from virtue to vice? Simple. Just add coercion. The use of force converts virtue into vice. Think of nutrition and force feeding. Think of speech and enhanced interrogation. Think of intercourse and rape.

Satan roams through the world because the Creator gave Lucifer, just like Adam and Eve, free will.

What is the motivation? The lust for power by those who perceive themselves as impotent. The cruelty is inevitable because power, to be felt, has to hurt.

Re: Concentration Camps

If it did not matter what they are called, there would not be so many euphemisms in use. Fact is that humans exist in a state of ambivalence. Their mobility prompts the impulse to move about the earth, to relocate at will and, at the same time, memory prompts them to make their environment, including other people, hold still. Change and constancy. Constant change. The phrase represents a contradiction.

How can it be resolved without coercion being involved? By taking turns. However, in order to take turns, one has to have a sense of sequence or order, in addition to memory. And therein lies the problem. Quite a few humans lack a sense of sequence or order. They do not register what comes first and what comes next.

“How do you get them to stay down on the farm once they have seen Paree?”

“We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”