The cartoonist got fired

Many people are claiming to be deeply affected by the image of a man and his daughter found drowned on the riverbank after trying to cross the border. However, in our part of the country, on the coast of Georgia, people who jumped into the ocean and drowned rather than be sold into slavery on dry land are celebrated for their heroic resistance. It is almost as if those who survived and labored to build this nation and left millions of descendants do not count. Why are the dead more meaningful than the living? Why are dead aoldiers heroes, while veterans are left to languish on the street?

Is it just ignorance? Someone posted a collage of young men killed by police or agitated whites and identified them as “fallen angels.” That the most beautiful of the angels, Lucifer, chose to become Satan has not registered. Appearances are deceptive and yet they are preferred by many.

The dominion of vision. How can it be countered?