Re: Charles Edward Bryant, Jr.

Age 31
Home Savanah, Georgia
Dropped out of school at 13. Left home at 18. Spent nine years in prison for burglary of a Dollar Store. Failed his GED exam

Puddy found him Saturday at the well. Took him to Canal Road where he worked well. Said he was staying with friends in Brunswick. Somebody stole his clothes. Today Puddy took him to get clothes, bought him some boots that he left at Canal Road. Paid him $40 for four hours work.

At 7:30 he called because the people at the house kept his money and told him not to come back. Also stole the cell phone Puddy had gotten him. We went to pick him up in front of Salvation Army. Took him to Subway and had him get a foot long, chips and a drink.

Interrogated him at some length to get history, name of probation officer, mental health worker, who got him admitted to hospital for two days. There’s nothing a hospital can do for him. Doesn’t drink alcohol and does not do drugs, except cigarettes, which we refused to buy.

Took him to Cate Street and left him to sleep on the mattress in the corner cubby. There is a light. Also bottled water and a pot to piss in. We will see if he is still there in the morning when Puddy has promised to take him to breakfast. An earlier volunteer did not last and made off with a little fridge. This one does not drive and has an EBT card which he did not use and got stolen.

House address: 1722 Albany Street
Owner: Clarence Wilkerson, Jr.