The connection between abortion and slavery.

That the terminology is wrong does not matter because the real issue is not abortion; it’s coerced reproduction. Just as some cultures keep cattle as status symbols, some U.S. populations look to have off-spring as a source of effortless status and wealth. That is what I heard the other day when an irate, obese woman proudly proclaimed herself a single mother of two boys, a three and a sixteen year old. She was offering to sell us her house at an outrageous price.

That children are property validates the notion that owning people is not inherently bad. Property rights have always trumped personal or human rights. The primacy of property rights continues to validate that proposition that the South suffered a wrong in being deprived of its slaves and is entitled to resent what was done. When GWB pronounced the U.S. an “ownership society” that is what he was addressing, promoting home ownership as a substitute for owning people. At least feom the perspective of the male, having children is a source of effortless wealth and status. What could be better? Family values. That females should have the right to destroy that access to wealth and status on a whim is unconscionable.