On Republicans and the ACA

In response to a comment on Facebook that Democrats have done nothing…….

Democrats proposed legislative adjustments during the Obama administration but, because the chairs of Congressional committees are asigned on the basis of which party controls the majority of seats and because Committee Chairs get to set the agenda for which legislation even gets considered, never mind being passed on to the full house for discussion and a vote, legislative adjustments to the ACA never got considered. Barak Obama is to be faulted for not having made a bigger issue of the Congressional dereliction of duty. Then there is the additional problem that while the ACA provided the outline of how the services were to be delivered via a partnership with private insurance companies, whose profit margins would be guaranteed despite the fact that new subscribers were likely to need more physician care than run-of-the-mill policy holders, the machanics of the money handling were actually supplied by another law, Dodd/Frank, which got passed while Republicans were paying little attention and which most probably did not read. This law, which is what the financial intersts (banks, insurance companies, investors) really object to, is impossible to amend because of the public’s attitude towards Wall Street and the debacle that was engineered in 2008. Remember the kerfuffle over ACORN for trying to get banks to fly right? Well, that problem got solved by Dodd/Frank. So, by the time Congress went after ACORN, it was no longer needed. Republicans are good at making issues out of matters long after their time has come and gone. Conserving what is no more. That’s the ticket. Locking the barn door after the horse is gone. Out of order; out of sequence; and out of time. It is no wonder they are in a constant upset state.