Objectionable Neighbors

For the record:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Albright:

If you are responsible for having the pine snag on the edge of our ditch cut to the ground, please be advised that I consider this a most unneighborly act.

Apparently, it was a mistake to accede to your request to have the perfectly healthy pine tree topped out because it was leaning towards your drive. Perhaps you did not understand Professor Smith’s explanation about the ecological importance of dead trees. If so, please consult the following link to refresh your understanding:


Since you are both educators, I do hope you are not transmitting your apparent antagonism towards wildlife to your students.

While I am writing, let me also note that I do not appreciate your landscape crews crossing the ditch to cut back the bamboo that shields your trash receptacles and assorted debris piles from our view. Also, the acacia tree we planted well back from the property line died after it was repeatedly butchered by your crew. If you do not know where your side yard line is located, perhaps you should have the lot surveyed, as was done for our lot in 1992.

Please be so kind as to note my objection and conduct yourselves accordingly.