GCPD attendance at public meetings

May 10, 2019

John Powell, Chief
Glynn County Police Department
157 Public Safety Boulevard,
Brunswick, GA 31525

Dear Chief Powell,

Please consider this formal notice that it has come to my attention, as well as the attention of other citizens in the community, that the behavior of the officers dispatched by your department to monitor various public meetings conducted in both public and private facilities by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners, the Islands Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals and, most recently, the Glynn County Department of Community Development Consulting Team, is increasingly aggressive, intrusive, and offensive.

It has not escaped notice that their behavior is often prompted by my husband, Julian Smith, exercising the right of free speech which, if you have recently consulted the U.S. Constitution, is not to be inhibited or infringed by agents of government and is not dependent upon those agents giving prior consent.

While it must be obvious by now that Julian Smith, a gentleman in his 82nd year, is not going to be intimidated by public officials threatening arrest nor trumped-up charges, the reason I am putting you on notice is because the treatment of Professor Smith is obviously designed to intimidate other citizens who are observing cops obtrusively running or with their hands on their weapons. This is unconscionable.

Finally, if Glynn County had a functioning citizen review board, this kind of issue could be brought to their attention for discussion and review. Since such a board has not been established despite recommendation of the IACP review team, I must ask that you receive this as a formal notice of potential civil rights violations by members of your department and conduct yourself accordingly.


Monica Smith