Conservation’s impact on German Village

Two points: Conservation value is a category for defining a tax shelter and the criteria are, as we consider them, being revised.
Susan Shipman knows better than to suggest that conditions for approval
or acquisition cannot be changed. Moreover, the creek they are looking to “improve” with docks, hoists and fishing piers, is not deep enough for traffic except at high tide. Just like the dock at Cannon’s Point, it will be a boon to some contractor and that will be all. I suppose all these people are too busy to actually pay attention to the tides.

Yes, the mission of the DNR is to promote economic development (pimp the environment) and eco-tourism is the latest schtick, but we do not need trucks pulling trailers invading neighborhoods. If they want to get on the water, let them use the dock at Gascoigne Park or the Blythe Island Park. For that matter, Sea Island has two docks on the Black Banks River. Let them open those to the public.