Apres Mueller

hannah April 21 · 07:45:11 AM

As originally conceived, the role of the prosecutor is merely ministerial. That is, his job is to review the information from the executive for relevance and completeness and then to pass it on to the judicial branch. In the case of a high public official, whose qualifications and fitness for office were established during the selection process, there is a slight difference in that removal from office, in the event the judgement of the electorate has proved wrong, is delegated to the legislative branches.

After all, the legislative branches set the policies and procedures the executive is supposed to carry out. So, it is appropriate for those bodies to determine when an office holder has failed to do his job and/or violated the Constitution. An office holder committing crimes is not anticipated, but would seem to be prima facie evidence of unfitness for public office.

If the Capitolians are in a bind, it is because of the decades long pretense that the executive both sets policy and carries it out. This pretense is both contrary to the separation of powers and illogical on its face. Which is why much effort has gone into spreading that belief. Why would individuals who have been delegated powers (to allocate the country’s natural resources, for example) pretend not to have them? The not so obvious answer, which the incompetent executive is exposing, is so that the delegatees can exercise power surreptitiously and, not incidentally, fill their own purse.

So, now we are left with relying on a brigade of crooks to remove the guy who’s been providing cover, albeit unknowingly, for their crooked deeds.

Fortunately, all the crooks can be removed in one fell swoop in 19 months. Meanwhile, both the executive and the legislative cohorts will continue in Limbo.

Btw, there can be no end to a presidency that never commenced. Handing the baton to Pence is probably not a good idea. If Manafort was Putin’s man and Pence was Manafort’s addition to the ticket, then it is Pence, not Trump who serves the oligarch’s interests. Never forget that Putin has cemented his power by making common cause with the patriarchs of the Orthodox Church. The Russian’s appeal to fundamentalist religious was based on the realization that the real objection to the communist dictatorship was to its “godlessness.” Put god back into the equation and fundamentalists are willing followers of authoritarian rule.