Public Officials in Hiding

Is that a new tactic in the administrative state after the judicial ruling that all communications with and from the public must be archived?


A few days ago, County Attorney Aaron Mumford introduced me to a new attorney in his office, the young woman who now works in the office formerly used by Noah Priest-Goodsett. But when I went to the Glynn County website and looked for her contact information within the county attorney’s office, I found the physical address for the office and a phone number, but no names.

When I opened the Staff Directory option and clicked on the listing for “County Attorney”, that brought me back to the first site.

So I went to the Staff Directory search option, I discovered no matches for “Aaron Mumford” or “Will Worley”. I found a listing for your name and that of Alan Ours and others, but none of our attorneys.

So, please consider this a formal Georgia Open Records Act request on behalf of ALL citizens of Glynn County that the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of our county attorney and assistant county attorneys be provided to the public in the same manner as the information for you and Mr. Ours and others who are employed by and serve Glynn County.


Julian Smith