Segregation is a necessary feature in the authoritarian state.

Public servants not working for the public is central to the Con commitment to the unitary executive and authoritarian, status-conscious rule. They attack “socialism” as a component of social democracy because they cannot come out and admit they are opposed to democracy. Government by the people is their enemy.

Being against things public is OK.

public schools

public parks

public meetings

public records

public transit

Democracy is inclusive. Segregation is exclusive. Exclusivity is necessary in a stratified society. What we are dealing with under another name is segregationists. Segregation is not about the excluded, either black people, Africans or Palestinians. Segregation is about a population that relies on superiority to reward its members with status effortlessly. Segregation is the strategy preferred by the incompetent and lazy.

They are Republicans because they think Republicans are different, the opponents of Democrats. That it is just a word in another language for the same thing does not register with them. If Republicans were just royalists, it would be less serious because royal figure heads have proved not inconsistent with democracy. But, that would not satisfy the authoritarians ambition because their hope is to attain status without effort.