The only people worried about being superior or supreme are people with an inferiority complex for which they feel a need to compensate. Talented people with a full set of practical skills do not have to puff themselves up.

But, given that the sense of inferiority seems to be particularly prevalent in some geographic regions, one has to wonder where it comes from. Is it induced or endemic? Is it inflicted or inherited? Or is it just a matter of certain populations being left behind while the normally energetic move on?

That latter hypothesis arises from the fact that an Amazonian tribe has been discovered which has no awareness of number and no historical memory. If members are not present, they are forgotten. So, the fact that all the members of the tribe have the same level of cognitive capacity could be explained by more aware youngsters having wandered off to live with more with-it folk. Similarly, the emptying of the great plains and the filling of U.S. coastal cities could be explained by a human preference for civic/social existence, not a lack of investment in the mid-West.

People leave what they do not like even as they pretend to be attracted by something else which, perforce, is initially unknown. Why do they pretend? To spare the feelings of the left behind? To avoid generating an animosity that might generate enough resentment to have them followed, captured and returned?

”How do you keep them down on the farm once they have seen Paris?” The Amish have a prractice they call “wilding,” which encourages their youth to give living a modern mechanized life a try. Presumably, only the self-selected traditionalists return to make a living in the old fashioned way. In other words, the community is being maintained without being coerced. Moreover, it is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

Exclusivity is really not a viable social system over the long run. The inferiority complexed to whon it appeals are simply not numerous enough.