Why Barr did not conclude and pundits are miffed.

Because the pundits and journalists want to be right or wrong about whatever they predicted. They are responding to their preconceived notions.

Investigators do not prosecute and prosecutors do not investigate. Or, they are not supposed to. The posecutor’s is supposed to be a ministerial function , to pass information from the executive to the judicial branch, if the information is sufficient. Information that is passed to the legislative branch is different. The legislature can remove an incompetent from office. There need not be a crime, though criminal behavior is certainly evidence of incompetence.

It is important that prosecutors not overstep their bounds. It is also important that not too much information go to the legislature. It is why those Iran Contra convictions were overturned.

What seems not to be understood is that public servants are held to a higher standard. They are to be dismissed for shoddy performance, whether intended or not. They can be pubished for malfeasance, but if a crime is suspected, they cannot be coerced to testify against themselves.

The failure to interview is a tell.