Manafort Timeline

Just because the Dude actually has reason to be increasingly antagonistic towards John McCain.


1949, Paul John Manafort born April 1st
1965, M. New Britain, CT resident
1967, M. St. Thomas Aquinas High School grad
1970, M. meets Roger Stone at Rep state convention CT
1971, M. Georgetown grad
1972, Roger Stone’s dirty trick in NH for Nixon
1974, M. earns JD from Georgetown U.
1975, M. employed in Nixon White House w. Stone
— set up NickPAC, National Conservatives PAC
1976, M. delegate co-ordinator in Gerald Ford campaign
1977, M. orchestrated election of Stone as head of Young Reps
— joined Vorys, Sater,Seymour & Pease law firm
1978, M. organizer of Reagan campaign in U.S.South
1980, M. Director of W H Personnel for Reagan
— set up Black, Manafort and Stone pr firm
— Stone meets w. Donald Trump
— Director of Overseas Private Investment Corp.
1982, Kelly added to Black, Manafort and Stone pr firm
1983, International Republican Institute organized
1984, M. advisor to Savimbi and Saudi Arabia
1986, M. resigned as Director of OPIC
1988, M. advisor to GHWB campaign
1989, M. hired as advisor to Zaire
1991, sale of BMSK to Barston Marsteller
1994, M. hired as advisor to Pakistan
1995, M. advisor to Balladus in France,
—Kilimnik hired by McCain’s Internat. Repub.Inst
1996, M. advisor to Bob Dole campaign
—left Barston Marsteller
—set up Davis, Manafort, Freedman
2003, M. advisor to Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych
2004, M. employed Kilimnik as strategist
2005, Kilimnik fired by Internat. Repub. Inst.
— Rick Davis intro of Deripaska to McCain
— M. hired by Akhmetof
2006, McCain celebrates birthday in Montenegro w. Deripaska
2008, M. as John Hannah LLC purchased Trump Tower condo,
— Davis manager of McCain campaign
2010, M. gets $10 million loan from Deripaska
2013, M. sets up European Center for Modern Ukraine
— Global Endeavor Corp. set up in St. Vincent
2015, Kilimnik & Patten set up Begemot internat.
2016, M. manages Trump campaign March to August
— M. advisor to Party of Regions in August
2017, M. explored China connections, advisor to Kurds
2018, M. indicted, arrested, jailed, convicted of fraud, etc
2019, Stone indicted and arrested for obstruction,lying
2019, Victor Yanukovych convicted of treason in Ukraine
2019, M. Sentenced to prison for 48 months