Out of New Mexico

Comes a story of child abuse on a somewhat minor scale. The migrant children being held in clandestine centers are a small percentage of the half a million U.S. children in some sort of subsidized foster/treatment care on an annual basis.

One of the faces of human husbandry. Psychiatric care facilities for children have been a growth industry since the 1980s, when health insurance programs started covering short-term “treatment” for unruly children, mostly youths experimenting with various kinds of drugs.

As the court appointed guardian ad litem for a child who had been voluntarily surrendered to the state as “un-manageable,” I was able to follow, for ten years, her transit through various “treatment” programs, except when she was shipped to Texas to a few months. Texas shipped her back when she broke out a second story window and ended up in the shrubbery without injuring herself. The Texas program, which a special committee had to agree to, cost about $80,000 a year in the mid eighties. Unruly children are a big profit center.

Of course, even the guardian ad litem or casa programs have now been professionalized to insure that the care of children remains confidential and their abuse is less likely to be exposed.