So, linguistics was a proper subject for me to explore. I am into language. It was just the focus on particles (sylables and phonemes) that put me off. Ditto for the quantifying emphasis in the consideration of trade and exchange. I am not interested in symbols or parts as such.

On the other hand, process gets my attention. Exclusion is a process. Perhaps it gets my attention for the same reason I have a tendency to look for the thing left out—that which should be there, but isn’t. When it comes to people and the leaving out is intentional, I react badly.

So, exclusivity is ipso facto a negative.

We have been schooled to consider “exclusive” to be a desirable attribute. It is not, at least not in a social species. Social organisms need to be connected if they are to thrive. Thus, exclusion is a penalty. In some cases it may be deserved. That is, bad actors are appropriately shunned. However, exclusion to enhance someone’s self-importance at someone else’s expense is wrong.

Exclusion is, of course, the ultimate purpose of social segregation. Promoting the ultimate result, rather than the process does not make it right. Thus the adjective “exclusive” should serve as a warning, not an invitation.

EXCLUSIVE RESORTS, a kinder, gentler version of the X-men, focused on exceptional, exclusive excellence?

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