On Segregation

Sidney Lanier wrote on FB “Let’s cut to the chase. Mitch McConnell is an unreconstructed segregationist. He’s not a segregationist because he hates various minorities and women. No, he’s a segregationist because segregation is the key to his claim to power. His self-importance swells to the extent he can shut other people out and deprive them of their rights.

We make a mistake when we define segregation in terms of the particular targetS. Bcause, when we do that, we do not focus on the malevolence of humans who are willing to destroy their own kind to advance themselves. That they do not always succeed is beside the point. McConnell and his ilk, including his wife, have deprived many millions of the necessities of life just to secure their own prominence and exclusive lifestyle.

Let me just add that as someone who grew up in immigrant communities in L.A., San Francisco and the Bronx, I was not aware of the existence of segregation until, on a senior class trip to Washington, D.C., it was explained that we could not make a rest stop along the highway because one of our classmates was a POC.

Five years later, after living in D.C., the homogenious population of NH came as a shock and eventually motivated a move to Florida for a more diverse experience for the children (in addition to getting regular employment). And that’s when I started to get really familiar with segregation, whom it serves and how it is maintained, starting with realtors trying to steer us into the suburbs to buy a house because there had been student “riots” in neighborhoods near the university a decade before. It continued with the bank’s loan officer telling us he was not sure he could write a mortage in that neighborhood and my telling him that kind of red-lining was illegal.

We got the mortgage and insurance and proceded to get the name of the area changed from “student ghetto” to “College Park” and then the neighboring historically black neighborhood renamed from “1644“ (a census tract) to Pleasant Street, which was eventually recognized on the National Register of Historic Districts, instead of being redeveloped into office buildings and parking lots.

So, now I know a lot about segregation, tncluding that it is not about the excluded but about the people who get their jollies by being exclusive and lording it over someone else. And that’s what, IMHO, you need to see when you look at the Turtle and his cronies. ‘Cause, you know, as they say in the South, “he didn’t get atop that fence post by hisself.”