An addendum to “no conflict”

The Dude announces what he’s gonna do and then, when he does it, it is the fault of whoever does not stop him.

It is how the threat works to effect control. The starting point is that the person making the threat is doing good.

What lies beyond good and evil? Authority.

What the Dude was articulating is not unique. It is a quite common mindset. It provides the basis for a cult. It is a pattern that is familiar to all who respect authority above all else.

How can it be countered? It can’t. To counter virtue would be evil, would it not? So, what can be done? Impose restraint.

The followers are getting desperate. It is a reaction with which LEOs are all too familiar from responding to domestic abuse situations. Which means that we do have social strategies for dealing with the mindset. They just have to be deployed.

I have been accused of being philosophical. Rightly so. I have been working out how a peculiar mindset effects control over other people surreptitously. That is, without them being aware to the point that they do evil, inflict injury, without knowing it.

We might call the process brainwashing, but there is no intent to effect any change. The object is obedience. The process is uncertain. Indeed, it may be that uncertainty is the basis. Authority rising out of uncertainty. That’s the ticket.