How do we approximate the truth? By proving all the false. In other words, truth is what is left over after we get rid of all the false.

What the liar in chief is doing is forcing Congress to admit to the truth that it is responsible for the money, how and for whom it is spent.

In a sense, by electing an incompetent, the electorate has called Congress’ bluff.

Trump did not plan it. Given the Bushes, Dole, McCain, Palin, the accidental Clinton, and McConnell, he was sort of inevitable. Congress’ big mistake was their obvious non-cooperation with Obama because they thought it would get them a pass from a prejudiced nation. Truth is people are resentful of special privilege and jealous of preferential treatment, but they are not antagonistic towards those who presumably (though not really) benefit. So, when blatant non-cooperation on Capitol Hill produced the same shitty results, it became obvious where the trouble lies. 2018 was the result, produced by supplanting not just the old guard, but the system that installed similar replacements. AOC is the result, the realization of the poobahs’ worst nightmare — that the electorate would choose.