Marsh Buffers

James wants the marshes to be protected from man-made disturbance and the developers want the marshes, at best, to protect their structures from the water. What do the regulators want? To collect fees and go to nice conferences with the developers.

After all the GORA’S requesting information and receiving none regarding the above subject regulation from your office (Habitat Management Staff) I came across this in one of my forgotten files. Attached, is a file from Chapter 391-2-3 (Coastal Marshlands Protection) and 391-2-3-.02 (Regulation of Upland Component of a Project).

I believe this part of the ACT pertains to your Division (CRD) and the staff assigned to your Habitat Management Team as the regulatory body assigned to enforce 391-2-3-.02 this part of the ACT. If this part of the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act (CMPA) has not been changed or amended away from what is attached I have done everything I could to get CRD to enforce the 50 feet marsh buffer to practically no avail.

I have also attached two photos of the Yankee Landing Dock and Hoist site on the Glynn County side of the Little Satilla River. I have filed several complaints about this dock and hoist site not using Best Management Practices (BMP’S) even on the bank of the river. If you will just look at the dates on these two images (IMAGE #2181 is DATED 4-25-18 and Image8 #1581 is Dated 1-18-19……

These images were taken approximately 8 months apart and rest assured that I filed concerns with CRD about both of those dated images. If only the smallest amount of BMP’S had been applied on this site the conditions in image #1581 might not be like they are at the date of the photo.

It appears that not only are we having to teach developers to apply BMP’S on these sites but we are also having to attempt to get the regulators to inspect and impose BMP’S on the developers for their own good.

If I am wrong about my comments above, I apologize, for I am not a lawyer. In the future it would be appreciated if all of our regulating bodies would enforce our BMP’S our natural resources would be the better off for it, including the general public. Thank You very much!!!
James R. Holland