The Prevaricating Senate

For about four decades now, the denizens of Capitol Hill have been pretending that the Executive is the guy in charge. This obfuscation has allowed them to use the federal Treasury for just one pupose — to keep themselves in office for decades, despite having to hold elections every two years. Why? Because they have made longevity in office the key to the absolute control of legislation.

Moreover, while Congressional legislation is supposed to be directed towards making federal agencies perform as expected (to promote the general welfare), Capitol Hill has redirected the focus of legislation to reward supporters (mostly corporate interests) and penalize opponents (the electorate that would reduce them to servant status). Capitol Hill has used money and the law to maintain its hold on power. All this time they have been in push-back mode against the civil rights movement.

That the old guard agenda was heading towards the collapse of the power structure has been evident for some time. The House, in particular, flipped to a majority of newcomers in 2016. 2018 was made possible, in part, by people who saw the writing on the wall, so to speak, and left on their own. However, 2018 showed that going back is hopeless, so the old guard in the Senate is getting while the getting is still good. Read the parable of the Unjust Steward.

Donald Trump is a disposable head of state. He was/is destined to fail, but the hope was that, despite what they did to Barack Obama, the illusion of the omnipotent executive could be maintained. After all, during GWB the illusion was maintained by dubbing him a war president.

Capitol Hill needs a figurehead to draw attention away from the skullduggery its “lions” perpetrate. It is tempting to refer to the old guard as a nest of vipers. But vipers just snuggle together for sex and to share some warmth. Den of thieves or pack of hyaenas seems more apt.

The U.S.Senate is disingenuous. Prevarication is their game.