Distangeance syndrome

Prefrontal brain lesions have been associated with fundamentalist religiosity in a neurologal study under the direction of Dr. Jordan Grafman.

Since the study was conducted on military veterans, the lesions were presumably the result of injuries suffered by adults. Lesions that result from peri-natal insults (forceps deliveries) may well show similar behavioral symptoms, which I would call, to coin a phrase, Distangeance syndrome

Of course, religious fundamentalism is not likely to be the only behavioral result when a cognitive function is not operational. On the other hand, if the disfunction is the result of a physical insult, it’s not biological and not subject to mutation or evolutionary pressures. So, we can expect to have them with us forever, or as long as birth is a traumatic event.

Forceps deliveries are, after all, a practical response to a disconnect between increasing cranial size and capacity and the relatively fixed dimensions of the human pelvis, which bipedalism demands.