Once more, the dollar

The following was inspired by a critique of Krugman.

Dollars are certificates of debt, recordes of obligation, much as birth certificates are records of birth. Neither have anything to do with creating the obligation or the life.

Some (many) people have difficulty distiguishing between a symbol and the thing it represents. These same people believe that a marriage certificate marries people or creates a couple.

Currency differs is that, unlike marriage and birth certificates, bills and coins are passed around and accumulated by some hoarders. The result of this hoarding is that there is not enough currency moving around and people are obligated to promise the hoarders a share just for using the currency on a temporary basis. And there are a lot of these hoarders, people with no tradeable skill who need someone else to work for them. Donald Trump may well be the epitome of this worthless class. In making a spectacle of himself, he’s exposing the whole class.

The investors. They have invested themselves with fake stuff, not unlike some religious clan. They exist because working people pay homage to them. The Catholic Church is a good model. The hierarchy lost clout when they stopped pratling in a foreign tongue. When Trump occasionally descends into garble it makes as much sense as the rest of his speech. The words he spouts are empty of meaning.

Words, or phonemes as linguists used to call them, are meaningless without context. Take syllable ‘mir.’ In German it represents a belonging to a self ‘to me’ in English. However, in Russian that same syllable means both ‘peace’ and ‘world.’ Russians equate peace with the world and, undoubtedly, consider a pacified globe under their hegemony ideal. For that matter, the USA also perceives pacification or, domestically, compliance to be their proper objective.