Job application from hell—to assist GC Community Development?

Essential Job Functions:
Provides direction, training, and assistance to other administrative staff; coordinates daily work activities; monitors status of work, inspects completed work, and troubleshoots problem situations.

Provides administrative support for an assigned department/division; manages office activities and serves as task leader in special projects; processes a variety of documentation associated with department operations within designated timeframes and per established procedures.

Provides secretarial/administrative support for management personnel, officials, and/or staff of assigned department/division; relieves management staff of routine administrative tasks; screens telephone calls, mail, e-mail, and other communications and initiates appropriate action/response; keeps management informed of significant matters, messages, documentation, or other information; composes, types, edits, or proofreads correspondence on behalf of department management; records and/or transcribes dictation; maintains calendars and schedules meetings, appointments, interviews, or other activities; coordinates travel arrangements, accommodations, conference registrations, or related plans for department staff.

Serves as liaison between the assigned department and other county departments/divisions, department directors, staff members, county officials, the public, key community leaders, outside agencies, the media, and all other individuals or organizations; conveys information among division/department personnel.

Performs reception functions; answers telephone calls and greets visitors; ascertains nature of business, directs callers/visitors to appropriate personnel, and records/relays messages; initiates and returns calls as necessary; dispatches service calls to staff members.

Performs customer service functions; provides information/assistance regarding department services, activities, procedures, fees, or other issues; distributes forms/documentation as requested; assists individuals in completing forms; responds to routine questions or complaints and initiates problem resolution.

Receives moneys in payment of various fees/services; records transactions and issues receipts; prepares bank deposits and forwards revenues as appropriate.

Types, composes, transcribes, prepares, or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, logs, schedules, calendars, lists, vouchers, requisitions, payroll sheets, training charts, budget documents, balance sheets, bank deposits, billing statements, purchase orders, bid sheets, travel requests, meeting minutes, agendas, leases, license renewal applications, work orders, registration cards, facility rental forms, summons, subpoenas, court dockets, appointment orders, motions, witness lists, booking reports, worker’s compensation forms/reports, injury logs, payroll change forms, separation notices, termination notices, project timelines, spreadsheets, charts, diagrams, or other documents.

Receives various forms, reports, correspondence, logs, calendars, schedules, invoices, price quotes, budget reports, bank statements, time sheets, attendance records, payroll reports, insurance claims, meeting minutes, petitions, motions, traffic citations, court orders, bench warrants, sentence sheets, release forms, dismissals, police reports, laboratory reports, witness statements, criminal/driver’s history reports, inmate referrals, booking reports, population reports, worker’s compensation forms, incident/accident forms, maintenance agreements, news articles, fire run reports, transport sheets, GCIC teletypes, sex offender registrations, charts, diagrams, rules of order, benefit plan documents, zoning maps, ordinances, regulations, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, catalogs, manuals, directories, reference materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate.

Conducts research and provides information regarding departmental issues; researches periodicals and publications for development of new methods or approaches.

Coordinates department purchasing activities; monitors inventory of department equipment, forms, and supplies forms; ensures availability of adequate materials to conduct work activities; initiates requests/orders for new or replacement supplies; obtains and evaluates competitive price quotes; issues requisitions and bid sheets to finance department for items over a specified amount; types specifications for bids and quotes on technical equipment.

Processes invoices and vouchers for payment; matches invoices with purchase order documentation; assigns proper budgetary coding to invoices; researches discrepancies and forwards for payment; maintains petty cash funds.

Assists with preparation of budget documents; conducts research in preparation for budget process; researches potential cost savings; enters budgetary data into computer; completes budget transfer requests; assists in monitoring departmental expenditures.

Processes documentation pertaining to payroll or personnel activities; reviews timesheets and time cards for accuracy and completeness; makes applicable calculations and researches discrepancies; maintains current attendance/leave records; prepares payroll worksheets/reports and forwards for payment; distributes paychecks; completes worker’s compensation claims and maintains worker’s compensation records; completes documentation for employee hiring, termination, or other personnel actions.

Provides secretarial support for county administration functions; monitors scheduled submittal of departmental reports requested by county administrator; responds to inquires from the public regarding actions taken in Board meetings and public hearings; provides backup coverage for County Clerk regarding preparation for Commission meetings; responds to open records requests from the public.

Provides secretarial support for airport functions; prepares monthly airline statistic reports for submission to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); prepares renewal applications for all FCC licenses required for airports; receives inquiries from prospective tenants and implements property management system to provide leasing policy and pertinent documents to prospective tenants; prepares lease agreements and incorporates required changes/additions.

Provides secretarial support for finance functions; calculates county-held tax deed payoff amounts and accepts payments for tax deeds; processes quitclaims and returns completed/filed quitclaim to citizens; processes solid waste/sanitation exemptions; processes hotel/motel accommodation excise tax payment and SPLOST payments to the City of Brunswick.

Provides secretarial support for community development functions; maintains monetary records for community development and planning/zoning activities; maintains current zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations.

Provides secretarial support for juvenile court functions; coordinates child custody, termination of parental rights, and traffic cases; prepares cases for court hearings; receives case documentation, assigns case numbers, schedules hearings, and processes judge’s orders; prepares court papers for renewal of custody; processes sealing of juvenile court records.

Provides secretarial support for state court functions; obtains/reviews documentation in prepare cases for trials/hearings; determines witnesses, evidence, and documents needed for cases; assists in court at trials, hearings, arraignments and pleas; reviews and stamps plea sheets, probation orders/terminations, probation warrants, dispossessory files, default judgment files, consent judgment files, and disbursement files; prepares bench notebooks for civil/criminal cases.

Provides secretarial support for public defender’s officer functions; manages and oversees the conflict contract defender caseload and supplemental panel of attorneys; reviews list of inmates and assigns cases to investigators; reviews inmate fact sheets, determines whether cases are felony or misdemeanor, and researches bond status on each inmate; researches cases for conflict of interest, and contacts conflict contractor and attorneys on supplemental panel to represent defendants in conflict cases; compiles data and submits state grant application for Georgia Indigent Defense funding.

Provides secretarial support for fire department functions; develops office procedures; processes purchasing, personnel, and budget documentation for the department.

Provides secretarial support for human resources department functions; maintains employee records; ensures compliance with records retention laws; assists applicants with the application; updates database with information regarding new hires, transfers, promotions, salary changes, address changes, terminations, or other data; completes forms for verification of present/past employment; maintains employee files and records systems; prepares and sets up files; sorts/organizes documents to be filed; files documents in designated order; retrieves/replaces files; shreds/destroys confidential or obsolete documents; prepares various human resources related reports, memoranda and forms from written or oral instructions.

Provides secretarial support for recreation functions; registers participants for recreation/athletic programs/activities; maintains calendar of community building usage; coordinates reservation/rental of recreation facilities.

Provides secretarial support for public works functions; performs office management functions; provides support for traffic safety and facilities support management.

Provides secretarial support for sheriff’s office functions; monitors and audits budget expenditures; calculates costs associated with trails and transports; prepares reports and sets up for Grand Jury; maintains and publishes sex offender registry.

Provides secretarial support for tax commissioner’s office functions; assists taxpayers with motor vehicle and property tax issues; prepares news bulletins for publication in local media.

Provides secretarial support for tax assessor’s office functions; advertises and posts Board of Assessors meetings.

Provides secretarial support for board/committee meeting activities; assists in preparing for meetings; attends meetings as required; records and/or transcribes meeting minutes; prepares and distributes meeting agendas, packets and meeting materials; assembles packets and prepares packets for mailing; posts/publishes public notices of meetings, agendas, and minutes; maintains board/committee records; provides support for board/commission member appointment process and maintains term-of-office records; coordinates scheduling and setup of meeting rooms up for various meetings/activities.

Conducts or assists with special projects and coordinates special events as assigned.

Compiles and/or monitors various administrative and/or statistical data; performs research and makes applicable calculations; prepares/generates a variety of reports relating to department operations; submits reports to appropriate individuals or agencies.

Operates a computer to enter, retrieve, review or modify data; verifies accuracy of entered data and makes corrections; utilizes word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, bookkeeping, alpha paging, Internet, e-mail, or other programs; performs basic maintenance of computer system and office equipment, such as backing up data or replacing paper, ink, or toner; coordinates service/repair activities as needed.

Maintains file system of various files/records; prepares and sets up files; sorts/organizes documents to be filed; files documents in designated order; retrieves/replaces files; shreds/destroys confidential or obsolete documents.

Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include making copies, sending/receiving faxes, updating department manuals/documentation, opening/distributing incoming mail, processing outgoing mail, or assisting with large mail-out projects.

Communicates with supervisor, employees, applicants, other departments, county officials, board/commission members, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, court officials, fire agencies, public service agencies, vendors, sales representatives, consultants, insurance companies, victims, offenders, parole/probation officers, social service agencies, the public, media contacts, state/federal agencies, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.

Maintains confidentiality of departmental issues and documentation.
Provides assistance or backup coverage to other employees or departments as needed.

Performs other related duties as required.