How is a birth certificate like an email?

The fuss made over them was actually about something else.

The birth certificate thing was not about Obama. It was the prelude to the argument that citizenship in the U.S. is a privileged status which is achieved automatically by being born in the right place and to the right parents and does not depend on or involve any accomplishment or labor.

Effortless status. That’s the ticket.

That citizenship involves obligations like voting and service and providing support (taxes) is not to be countenanced.

what would have been the point of denying voting right, if it was an obligation? See, if former behavior is to be justified, it has to be rationalized. That the whole exclusion/segregation regimen is irrational cannot be admitted.

Our irrational friends are in a terrible bind. If they are not special by virtue of where and to whom they were born, then they are as nothing. ‘Tis an existential question. Of course, people who define themselves by doing, rather than being, do not have that problem. Porters, conductors, beauticians, engineers, doctors, nurses and a host of other service providers do not have that problem. Junior does.