Dynamite on the ocean floor?

Is that what accounts for it?

Dear Terry Bridges:

Thank you for giving me your card with contact information about a month ago.

An old friend who has lived on Sea Island for many years copied your December 15th message (below) to me. As an old professor who dealt with duplicitous or misleading verbiage coming out of the Pentagon and other organs of misinformation, I’m accustomed to reading between the lines–and the few lines you quote from the Gray Seismic Monitoring LLC letter addressed to the Sea Island Company seem to avoid mentioning that the need for seismic testing may have something to do with blasting in the offshore area from which sand will be pumped.

My experience is that the “thing left out” frequently turns out to be the thing of greatest significance in the long run.

Did Scott Steilen send you the letter he received from Gray Seismic Monitoring? If so, would you be willing to share it with me along with the communication from Scott Steilen?

I’m asking on behalf of several Sea Island property owners who have complained to me and others since early December about strong vibrations and noise that seem have resulted from blasting.

Also: would you be willing to get on the agenda to speak tomorrow night at the start of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners meeting? Or do you know a member of the Sea Island Property Owners Association who might be willing to speak about how others are getting, as Elvis would put it, all shook up? The deadline for getting on the agenda to speak for up to five minutes is noon today. I can explain how to get on the agenda with a simple phone call.

Finally, I have some recent ground level and aerial photos documenting the installation of the new groin on the Spit. Would you like me to send you some to share with others Sea Island property owners?

Best regards,

Julian Riggs Smith (a.k.a. Puddy)