Sewage in Glynn

For some reason this report of significant community news is not featured on the BN website. Only in the electronic version and the hard copy delivered to homes.

That Glynn County’s main sewage plant is going to be upgraded so Brunswick and the immediately surrounding area can continue to grow is good news. That the newest additions to the Joint Water and Sewer Commission are opposed is sad.
Perhaps some background is in order.
It seems that a couple of decades ago some people, apparantly ignorant of the fact that the area west of the interstate between the Altamaha and Satilla Rivers was historically a swamp, opined that it would be feasible to not only drain the area, but to redirect the flow of surface and ground waters to accommodate urban development. To that end, they had sewer and water lines extended into nowhere land and the GADOT accommodated the plans by extending the Spur and building a dike to intercept the flow. All that did was increase flooding, as we saw during hurricane Matthew. In addition, although lots of information is availabe, that the soils in the area are not suitable for modern concrete and steel construction has been ignored.
Putting a sewage treatment plant out there to serve a bunch of borrow pits and a wildlife preserve makes no sense. Harry Drigger Land can be served by the current, upgraded plant, if the County does not discourage further residential and commercial development by dropping polluting industry into the middle, as is proposed in the comp plan update.