Acosta/Epstein Trial

So, while this story is a big deal in terms of revealing how it happens that children and women are regularly abused with impunity under the U.S. Constitution, it is not just because children, whom the law considers to be the property of their parents, have no civil or individual rights. It is also because prosecutors are the ONLY PUBLIC OFFICIALS ACCORDED ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY. Prosecutors cannot be held to account for their decisions because their behavior is presumed to be purely ministerial — i.e. to just deliver information developed by executive personnel (law enforcers) to the judiciary entities, sans any input of his own. That was the original intent, but it has not worked out that way and Congress has failed to define and adjust responsibilities. Nor has the SCOTUS been able to render corrective rulings because prosecutors have insured that no relevant cases are brought to them. Unlike the Florida Supreme Court, the SCOTUS is not empowered to issue advisory opinions.
So, resurfacing Acosta and Epstein as a civil case is a big deal. Just imagine the chutzpah of the prosecutor extending immunity to the perp AND ANYONE WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH HIM.