Tax Cuts

hannahDecember 03 · 07:04:46 AM

From a persuasion perspective, tax cuts work better than benefit cuts. That is, in large part, because entities that do not pay taxes (unprofitable business, non-profit charities, pensioners) do not care whether other people’s taxes are cut. Congress does not care, either. But, what Congress does care about is longevity in office. That is their only interest because it is their only source of real power. So, in the interest of persuading or coercing voters to vote for them or not vote, the candidates issue promises and threats. In 2018 that did not work as hoped because the mantra that “people hate Congress but love their own representative” was worn out. People started to figure out that the men on the Hill, not the swamp creatures are the problem. The “swamp” btw has long referred to the permanent federal bureaucracy which prevents the men on the Hill from dishing out favors to their friends.

Typically, the Dude adopted the Hill’s lingo without understanding what it meant and his followers did not understand, either that the men on the Hill had every intention of continuing their corrupt ways.

Some blame can rightly be assigned to the failure to instruct citizens in how government actually works.