Quislings on the Hill?

They been doin’ it for a long time. The vipers on Capitol Hill are not the people’s friends.

In a sense, the importance of the civil rights era and FOIA and full citizenship at 18 were overshadowed by the sacrifice of Richard Nixon. Yes, maybe Richard Nixon had ordered the break-in at Daniel Elsberg’s office. But, who had been feeding his paranoia? Who orchestrated the botched repeat break-in at the Watergate? Stone and Manafort were just novice tricksters, not even certfified plumbers, but agents of mayhem then and ever since—making mischief with impunity, like Max and Moritz. Why are they hard to stop? Because our legal system is geared towards money and they don’t do it for profit. They just make mischief for the sheer hell of it.

Will Manafort sacrifice Trump? Now, wouldn’t that be some coup? Twice in a lifetime.

Nixon set up and sacrificed? For what? For something he did not even consider significant, the termination of the use of gold to set the value of the currency. Why did Nixon do it? Because for the U.S. it was virtually meaningless. Not only were our stores of gold quite large, but the real value of U.S. currency was based on the nation’s probity, our ability to keep our word. But, for other nations still reliant on gold to fund foreign purchases it was devastating. Over night, their backstop was declared worthless. Which nations? Why, South Africa and RUSSIA. NEITHER had any credibility on the world stage because of their repressive political systems. Both had to change, but they did not have to like it. Reagan took credit. Nixon did not even realize what he had done.

But, Nixon doing more was a threat. The proposal for a guaranteed annual family income had to be nixed. Wall Street could not put up with having our currency turned into a utility. Dollars had to continue scarce, if they were to serve as an effective population control. So, there had to be a palace coup and the engineers were close at hand. Electronic engineers.

Were they abetted by the Vipers on Capitol Hill? No doubt. But, they were not in it for the glory. Power is what they are about. But, power is invisible and that is what Trump is about to find out.

P.S. “Follow the money” was/is on point. However, it was not the fistfulls of dollars in Hispanic hands that were significant. Those were a distraction. Very effective.
USD, United States of Deception.