IACP report

Yesterday our local paper had a report on the oral presentation. Today, the editor opined about the good news.

My comment:
It would help if, instead of asking question and then acting like stenographers to report what people said, the reporters at the Brunswick News read the documents we pay bureaucrats to produce and then distill what was writ. Perhaps then, if reporters did that, editors would know what they are opining about.
The IACP report is a case in point. Right up front, on pages five and six, the authors listed 22 recommendations for organizational changes to bring the Glynn County Police Department “into the 21st Century.”
Yes, most of the personnel are fine people, but their leadership, their record keeping and their training suck. Those are administrative problems which the BOC does not want to hear about. So, the oral report did not tell them.
The oral report did mention, albeit in passing, that an independent citizens advisory board should be set up to provide oversight for the new policies that are to be adopted regarding the use of force and de-escalation.
The recommended increase to the patrol division should not be difficult, given that as it stands now, there is one chief for every three indians. The recommended ratio is 1 supervisor for 5 or even 7 subordinates — not unrealistic if everyone is completing the reports by which their effectiveness can be tracked.