Select Comment #3 on the IACP report

Need to do one today because, after all, they have scheduled a presentation to the County Commission for tomorrow.

On pages 5 and 6 of the report, the authors make some 22 recommendations that need to be followed if the Glynn County Police Department is to “evolve” into a 21st Century organization.

Recommendations: p.5-6

• Re-establish the mission statement of the GCPD and enhance how the department communicates through meetings with agency and community members and providing data on a regular and consistent basis
• Create a new baseline for agency authorized strength for the department and minimum staffing for patrol operations
• Assess K-9 operations policy and enhance standard county wide K-9 operations to allow for 24/7 coverage with consistent application
• Review and revamp the traffic unit
• Implement community policing through a variety of efforts to include: geographic policing, regular community meetings, a Citizen’s Police Academy, a Citizen Advisory Board, etc.
• Hire a full-time crime analyst
• Institute intelligence led policing
• Institute formal “COMPSTAT” meetings
• Merge the Criminal Investigations Division with the Special Operations Division to improve communication and coordination
• Strengthen the victim services liaison program
• Add two civilian positions – evidence room technician and crime scene technician
• Establish a new policy manual
• Revise use of force policy and training
• Create a separate policy regarding unbiased, equitable treatment of all persons.
• Develop and implement an Early Warning System
• Implement a disciplinary matrix with application of “Douglas Factors”
• Develop policies to ensure proper treatment of the LGBTQ+ community
• Consider implementing a telephone reporting unit and/or online reporting and expand technical capabilities in numerous areas to improve efficiencies
• Revise field training and develop a formal, strategic, and comprehensive agency training plan
• Examine attrition and develop formal recruiting, hiring, promotional, and transfer plans with clearly codified procedures
• Update the performance appraisal system
• Ensure that all complaints are tracked by internal affairs and implement a new tracking system