All that glitters……


All that glitters is not gold. However, gold is a malleable mineral virtually impervious to environmental degradation and preserves man’s inspired transformations long after he has turned to dust and gone. In a way, gold lets figments of the imagination assume material form.

When it comes to currency, gold’s most familiar form, paper currency is more organic, while electronic currency most nearly approximates the immaterial (value) being imagined.

Glitter, on the other hand, is worthless in all its forms. While the glitzy personality may well impress, it is meaningless—-all surface and no substance. Glitter catches the light momentarily and proves itself dross when swept up at the end of the day.

Glitter, like all appearances, is deceptive because lighting affects perspective. Of course, humans do not usually notice because sight is just one of five sensory contributors of information, but disconnected in that sight does not seek confirmation from the rest. Smell, taste, touch and sound are more integrated. Does that mean sight is an evolutionary add-on? Not necessary for survival?