The Jekyll Creek Dredge Project

On the dredging of Jekyll Creek:

“I have looked through a good bit of the 290 pages of documents provided to potential bidders on this project.
The following seems to be the salient information.
That said, soil samples taken 15 years ago hardly seem relevant. Nor is there any mention of what constitutes a “contaminant.” The suggestion that output has been reduced has no basis in fact. GA simply reclassifies water bodies as they become more degraded and Brunswick Cellulose continues to spew out many pounds of mercury which then return to earth in the rain.
Finally, I think the time-frame is unrealistic.”

Scope of Work
The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW) Jekyll Creek Beneficial Use of Dredged Material pilot project and Selective Sites Maintenance Dredging Contract provides construction services, including furnishing personnel, transportation, mobilization and demobilization, equipment and materials required in connection with maintenance dredging and the pilot project. This contract has been traditionally performed with a hydraulic cutterhead dredge and the duration is expected to be six months from Notice to Proceed. Up to 900 thousand cubic yards of maintenance material is expected to be removed from the AIWW.
The work is located within the Savannah District’s portion of the AIWW shallow draft waterway in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. The AIWW in Savannah District begins in Port Royal Sound, South Carolina (Mile 552) and ends in Cumberland Sound, Georgia (Mile 713). The AIWW is 12 feet deep MLLW with widths from 90 feet in land cuts to 150 feet in natural waterways.
Maintenance dredging will be performed in three selected sites on the AIWW; Field’s Cut, Hells Gate, and Buttermilk Sounds. The maintenance material from Field’s Cut (mile 573.3 to mile 576) will be placed in Jones- Oysterbed Disposal Area which is adjacent to the channel. The maintenance material from Hells Gate (mile 601.4 to mile 602.4) will be placed in Tract 15A or Tract 15B which is adjacent to the channel. The maintenance material from Buttermilk Sound (mile 662.1 to mile 664.5) will be placed in either Tract 42B or Tract 43.
The maintenance material in Jekyll Creek will be placed in two test locations, a thin layer placement site on predetermined marsh location on Jekyll Island. The second site is a deep-hole placement in St Simons Sound. The purpose is to determine the effect to the environment with these two types of placement. This work must be performed from October to November timeframe.