The Triumph of Irresponsibility

The triumph of irresponsibility. Making monetary profit the measure of success, has made it possible for people to shed responsibility for their actions almost unnoticed. We see destruction and negative conditions, but we do not know how they came about.

Of course, corporations are created for the expressed purpose of distributing risk and responsibility, but neither corporations nor money are the source of the problem. After all, the U.S.Constitution sets up a corporation in which duties and obligations are clearly specified and now we have a daily example of people intent on evasion.

Intent simply does not guarantee good behavior. And, by the way, irresponsible people are likely not intentionally bad or even intentionally irresponsible. It is just as likely that they lack the ability to respond sensibly.

So, what we need is some kind of metric to identify who’s responsible and who’s not. A responsible person is one who sees what needs to be done and does it. An irresponsible person is the one who wrings his hands and intones “oh, woe is me.”