Thinking about “undue harm”

It is complicated, but I think I have figured it out. People, who have been made to feel inferior or incompetent, either by kith or kin, need to compensate psychologically and they do that in two ways— by looking down on someone else (to get a whiff of superiority) and by identifying with a person of excellence (glitter) and basking in his success.

Thus, the reason some people “suffered” for eight years was because they had no-one they could identify with. People who identified with Obama or who do not need to identify with anyone did not suffer. Now the people who suffered under Obama, not only identify with Trump but with the disrespect he is supposedly suffering from. They are reminded that the Savior was disrespected and that just makes Trump more special in their eyes.The same pattern plays itself out regardless of race. Some in the black community derived the same kind of satisfaction from being able to identify with a superior person.

I’m inclined to blame what I call personifixation, which means that the only thing that counts is one’s relationship to persons. Performance, results, outcomes, products are all ignored. In a way, MLK Jr called for that when he wanted his children to be judged, not by achievements, but by their character. It is who you are, not what you do that counts.

So, for example, immigrants are disdained across the board because they ARE illegal. Being vs. doing. One consequence is a lot of Christians in name only.

We do not hear much about inferiority complexes nowadays. But, how do children avoid a sense of inferiority when an educator seeking public office proclaims “I would never support policies that impose undue harm.” If elementary school teachers countenance “due” harm, what is it they are about?