Money and the Law

Money and the law are tools whose use either produces fairness and equity or abuse. The Cons have been relying on money and the law to promote their inequity. Equality really offends them because it flies in the face of their commitment to and insistance on superiority.

Of course, U.S. law has long been used to perpetrate injustice by giving some individuals and institutions preference over others. Indeed, the exemption of establishments of religion from providing support to the secular state is an on-going example of inequity. But the historical arch has been bending towards less injustice, mostly, I would argue, in response to pressure from non-European cultures.

Money, on the other hand, is increasingly failing as an instrument of control. Maintaining that there is a limited supply of debt obligations is not holding up real well. The pretense that the exchange of goods and services is acurately mirrored by the money supply, who’s got it and where, is imo,y not holding up. More and more transactions are escaping control to the point that, even though the main function for money is counting, nobody is able to keep track.

Oh happy day!