Prescription for a Congressional candidate

Congress, according to the Constitution, is charged with distributing the currency into the economy by paying for goods and services necessary to promote the general welfare. There is no reason why Congress cannot fund the selection and hiring process of candidates for legislative, as well as executive and judicial positions. Congress handing over the distribution of currency to the Federal Reserve Banks is both a cop-out and an effort to make local financiers and other money managers (insurers, bond dealers, mortgage writers etc.) interested in securing their representative’s continuance in office. It is an extortion racket instituted and maintained by the moneyed class.

Congress should be refocused to monitoring the executive and judicial branches and stop trying to manipulate the electorate. Health, Education and Welfare are national concerns and should be equitably addressed on Capitol Hill.

We organize governmental entities not because humans are frail or evil, but because there are occasional events and occurances WE DO NOT WANT:








What all of these disutilities have in common is that, when the reponse is appropriate, their incidence decreases. Which is also why they are inappropriate for the market which registers success as increased usage.