Taking the intent for the act, the idea for the fact

It has been obvious for a long time that some people are quite content to intend and never act. They get an idea and seem to think that is the end of it.
I used to think they were just lazy, but it occurred to me today that these folk do not act because reality is not something they even perceive. It is not a matter of the blind leading the blind. Indeed, if the blind man’s tactile sense is intact, he’s likely to be able to navigate quite well by maintaining contact with the tangible environment. But, our idealists seem to be people who do not even realize that the tangible real world even exists. They, at most, wander through it, as in a fog.
This might explain how a candidate for public office is content to participate in electronic events, without realizing that’s not a real experience.

One other thing I realized today. People who are out to collect money for whatever they do, perceive generous/liberal people who give away goods and services without charge, as unfair competitors. So when, for example, Hannah’s Marsh is freely accessible to the general public, people who give marsh tours for a profit perceive themselves deprived of potential customers. Imagine that.