Inessential and insubstantial currency

The inessential and insubstantial nature of money allows it to be abused with abandon. Not only is it worthless, but there is always more. So, there is no reason to be careful, cautious or economical. That latter point is particularly significant in a society where economy has become synonymous with money.

So, while the original intent of economic behavior was to avoid waste and enhance usefulness, as money became ubiquitous, the original intent evaporated into the ether.

Is the monetary economy esoteric? I have compared it to theologians becoming fascinated by angels dancing on pins. Perhaps it is another example of the triumph of the idea over the real–or the res. The thought over the thing.

We never hear materialism decried anymore. I wonder why.

If thought is disconnected or unconnected to the material world does the lie matter at all?

When one is dealing in figments of the imagination, what consritutes a fraud?