Why is Trump freaked by the Manafort Prosecution

1) Manafort was always a private person.
2) Trump was always a private person.
3) Natural persons are presumed to be honorable.

4) The law presumes that honorable persons will voluntarily report their use of the common currency.
5) Until the passage of Dodd-Frank, the presumption of probity served to shield individuals from having their currency use reports checked, unless there was some complaint or evidence of malfeasance.
6) The IRS is prohibited from targeting individuals though they may conduct random audits of returns.
7) Dodd-Frank, passed under the auspices of setting up an almost universal health care system, instituted reforms as to bank and insurance company reporting. Insurer compliance with the profit caps could not be checked, if their accounts were not reviewed. Moreover, although some bank reporting requirements were put in place win conjunction with the war on drugs, the obligation to report transactions over $10,000 did not work very well. So, more stringent reporting requirements for banks were put into place. The catastrophe of 2008 helped to motivate reform. Also, although the ACA and Dodd-Frank were a package deal, the legislation was not considered together by Congress. Indeed, if I remember correctly, Dodd-Frank was finalized during the lame duck session and it was widely expected that it would be repealed. Did not happen.
8) Manafort’s financial shenanigans are coming home to roost. He was already under observation before he hired on with Trump.
9) Trump’s financial dealings have the same profile as Manafort’s.
10) Whatever happens to Manafort will happen to Trump. Not because the latter is now a public servant, but because he was a crook before he got elected.
What is a crook? Any person who violated the trust of the community and the presumption of probity. In other words, a dishonorable person.