On the tradewinds industrial park site

My comment to the Brunswick News story.

Let me start by admitting I have lately decided that “developer” is actually a euphemism for “destroyer.” Developers destroy the natural environment or raze the built environment; developers do not build. At best they speculate and put out fancy brochures about what other people should build.
The picture illustrating this story is characteristic–the soon-to-be-replaced director/president wearing sun glasses to account for why he does not see too well and missed that piece of rotted tire at the head of his road to nowhere. It was there last week when I took pictures of the clear-cut site growing up into scrub to illustrate another example of our local governmental agencies wantonly destroying the maritime forest, while they maunder over a few oaks on St. Simons. The BWKEDA and the Airport Commission, with the blessing of the BWKEDA, to whom the Airport Commission reports, have together removed a thousand acres of the canopy on which we depend for temperature amelioration, water diversion and retention, transpiration, carbon removal and oxygen creation. And for what purpose? To subsidize the operations of a few agencies whose dabbling in real estate gives them a thrill because they get to do it in secret. Not that our watchdogs in the press are paying much attention anyway. Baxter’s Swan Song seems designed to make up for the BN having paid scant attention for too long.