For Shame!

Shame on Georgia Senate District 3 Democrats. This person was re-elected three times because no-one stepped up to serve in his place.
Ligon found himself in the headlines in 2011 when an African-American secretary claimed she was fired because of her race just weeks after being assigned to his office. The Senate paid $80,000 to settle her complaint.
The secretary, Ethel Blackmon, said she had decorated her new desk with family photos and artwork, according to a copy of her EEOC complaint first posted by Ligon, she wrote, told her in their first meeting to put the items away:
During this initial encounter, he gestured to my artwork depicting African Americans and my family photographs and said, “All of this has to go.” I asked if I could keep the print of the African American child, as it is sentimental to me. He said no, that his interior decorator would not be able to fit that in the décor. As instructed, I removed my personal items – including my family photographs and the artwork.
Neither Ligon nor his officemate, Sen. Barry Loudermilk, raised concerns about her performance, according to Blackmon, but a human resources officer fired her a month later because “it was not working out.”
Well, that’s new one. Blame the interior decorator. Also, way to avoid governmental waste! Why is it that authoritarians keep having to re-decorate their environment?…/sen-william-ligon-racial-…/…

Sen. William Ligon (SD 3): Racial bias complaint settled for $80K | Atlanta Unfiltered
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