On immigration

Carter’s blather deserved a response and James provided it.

Dear Representative Carter,
Yes, our immigration system is in bad shape and you can’t blame it on Obama because He tried to help get it fixed and the Republican Congress prevented it from happening. Now, trump and the republican congress are kidnapping children at the border with no plans on how to FIX THAT MAJOR PROBLEM!!!! I believe in a border with laws, however, what you people are doing is not much different than north korea. As a youth I was separated from my parents so I know what it feels like. I HOPE YOU AND EVERY REPUBLICAN THAT IS NOT FIXING THIS PROBLEM AND QUICKLY GET VOTED OUT OF OFFICE THIS NOVEMBER!!!!
James R. Holland
Life Long Georgian and a 9 year veteran of the USMC at age 77. I watched trump this morning making a fool out of himself before they ever tasted their orange juice. You congressional people need to start doing what you were sent to Washington to do. Your president is trying to destroy everything I have been taught to live by and this republican congress is sitting quietly by and letting it happen. I also vote!!!!

From: Representative Buddy Carter
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 7:19 PM
To: jamesrholland@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Responsible Immigration Reform

Thank you for your email.

It is an honor to represent the First District of Georgia in Congress. Your input is crucial for me to fulfil my duties to the best of my ability.

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