Thinking about authoritarianism

Capitalism is, like authoritarianism, perverse. In the beginning, capital designated the surplus that woukd be saved for future use, rather than going to waste. Waste avoidance. That’s the ticket! However, capital mental concept, an idea, a figment of the imagination and, like many ideas, it has assumed an importance that has nothing to do with the reality to which it originally applied. The triumph of ideology. Humans assigning more importance to what they think than the reality they perceive. That is how they arrive at the notion of destroying a village in order to save it.

Dictionaries are unclear about authoritarianism. The term has not been definitively defined. So, that gives me lief to come up with my own definition.

Authoritarianism is the reliance on fake authority to validate demands by people whose claim to real authority, based on creativity and skill, is nil. Authoritarianism is primarily a male expression of self-importance, but not exclusively so. Females are not precluded from relying on fake authority.

What’s the matter with Catholicism? The authoritarian excuse of abomination. When authority is fake, it has to be coerced and coercion is an abomination.

Deploring an abomination is really weak tea.