The Rise of Authoritarianism

It has not been fast. Authoritarianism is always with us because people with few skills and little brain cling to fake authority to sustain themselves. Where do few skill and little brain come from? I suspect pre-natal or perinatal causes. Somehow, the link between the frontal brain and the rear goes missing and the result is that the processing function is missing or lost. Perhaps it is a matter of the limbic brain being deprived of the benefits of cognition. There is no feed back and no real learning.

Why do we miss it? Verbal acuity, which relies on imitation and repetition, masks a lot of deficits. Also, and here the authoritarian perception is correct, competent people are always ready, willing and able to help. The exploited do not mind. It does not even bother tham that the authoritarians consider them to be suckers. Competent people are creative and do not care that other people are not. Their commitment to creation is just as intense as the authoritarians’ commitment to manipulation. The only difference is that creativity has material limitations while authoritarian manipulation is boundless.