“They also serve ….”

John Milton proclaimed it over three centuries ago and who’s to refute him?

They also serve who only stand and wait.

Certainly not I. Indeed, I am fully supportive of public servants waiting to be directed and for law enforcement to respond to complaints. Keeping people “safe and secure” is a recipe for disaster, involving either being tied down or locked up.

In preparation for the Fourth of July display of fireworks off the St. Simons pier, officers were apparently dispatched to keep spectators away, in case ballards and signs were not enough.

So, they stood and waited for the festivities to start, and four of them sat, protecting the entrance to the pier and making sure nobody messed with the fire hose.

But, let me respectfully suggest that it would have been better and healthier, if the half dozen officers had taken turns just standing, while the rest took a walk around the Village to announce their presence and willingness to serve.