On authoritarian public servants

Public service increasingly attracts good talkers, not doers. The extent to which these talkers are self-centered, insecure and antagonistic probably affects what political organization they align with. So, traditional Democrats are a bit more empathetic than Republicans.

Keep in mind that before the advent of universal suffrage, the populace had pretty much been divided into the “done for” and the “done to.” It was a paternalistic or patricentric society intent on distributing rewards and punishments to the compliant and non-compliant by hereditary authority. In other words, people ruled because of who they were, not what they did.

If you are a person whose ancestry puts you in the catbird seat, then education and measured achievement are a threat. If competition means something more than throwing a sibling out of the nest, then competition is a threat. But, all of that “sturm und drang” is not something a female can easily understand for the simole reason that their gender precluded them from inheriting the fiction that is paternal authority.

Authoritarians rely on fake authority, but not all fake authority is derived from potential or actual paternity. Not all males are authoritarians and not all authoritarians are male.