Buck up teacherken!

Look, the issue of the 21st Century is simple. Are the people going to govern, or will they be ruled. In our country, the only cadre whose status is threatened by the people governing is the legislative branch. The poobahs imagine themselves to be lawgivers and do not want to be relegated to scriveners. That is just too bad.

i suspect the civil rights legislation was passed under the assumption that blacks would be the main “beneficiaries” and, being just a small minority (13%) would be easy to contain. Women were assumed to continue to do what their menfolk told them. It has not turned out that way. Being cared for by strangers has made young people more independent. Putting the responsibility for racial integration on their backs and busing them around has resulted in a population that cares little about status and more about achievement.

The Dude is the last hurrah of the old order. Had it not been for the lies, he would not have been selected by the poobahs by default. What is the point of his antagonisms? A last chance to recover control of money and the law, without which a population of 325 million cannot be controlled.

The irony is that the Dude is going to be undone for putting children in cages, like pets. If he were a dog or cat person, he would know that the animal rights people would revolt. People who have fur babies are revolted by the thought of cages. People who buy eggs from free-range chickens do not want to hear about cages. People who buy the meat of grass-fed steers do not want to hear about cages.

Everybody has heard the story of Hansel and Gretel and the witch that put them in cages to fatten them up. The Dude knows it too. Why do you think his subconscious keeps bringing up the witch hunt?