“Americans love children.” Not!

Before I was brought here, that is what relatives pronounced to compensate that I was about to be transported to the “land of wild Indians.” Over the last seven decades I have come to the conclusion that, however well-meaning, that was a lie. If Naorth Americans have children, it is to enhance their importance and, as a matter of fact, if the children are somehow handicapped the sense of parental self-importance is even more easily increased. ‘Cause they can add the “have pity factor.” “Come, let us maunder together in the interest of the “special” child.

I do not mean to come across as insensitive, but the manner in which migrating adults and children are being deprived of their human rights is not inconsistent. Why were rules against the adoption of Russian children by U.S. families considered an appropriate means to signal diapproval for Russia’s expansion of territorial influence? How was that not holding adoptable chikdren hostage? How was that not consistent with U.S. history?

What would the U.S. be doing if children were loved? The Treasury would be sending parents monthly checks to help support them. Like Canada coes, don’t you know?

Illegitimate births. Illegitimate children. Illegitimate marriages. Illegitimate workers. Illegitimate migrants. Illegitimate drugs. Why is it that the United States is hung up on subjecting natural bodily functions to the law?